Monarchs for Kids in 2017—Connecting with Mexico

In the library, a monarch butterfly rested on a small boy’s hand.  Suddenly it fluttered upward—zig-zagging over bookshelves toward a window. Four squealing children ran to where it landed on a windowsill.  Catalina approached, coaxing it onto her fingertip.  Her eyes flashed with uncertainty, bravery, and wonder.  A big smile appeared.  “Look what I caught!  …

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Monarchs for Kids

Photo by Erik Zimmerman: Cloe Zimmerman gets one last kiss from the monarch she raised, before it starts migration. It’s a magical moment when the fresh young butterfly spirals upward, then heads resolutely SW towards Mexico, 2,000 miles away. By David Thompson The migration of monarch butterflies is one of our greatest natural wonders.  To …

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