Summer Gardening, Educational, & Service Opportunities on the SW Path

Monarchs - Sandy Stark 2016v2

By Sandy Stark

Four neighborhoods along the SW Path maintain native prairies, flower gardens, and wooded areas in the Lake Wingra Watershed. Work crews provide tools and treats, and you take what you learn to your own yards and rain gardens. Most have both regular and flexible schedules. Come meet and work with us for any amount of time at any of our sites.

Prairies, Gardens, and Green Spaces From West to East:

–Midvale Heights Native Prairie and Gardens (intersection of Midvale Blvd.

& SW Path) Includes the buffalo garden!

Contact Laura (ljbrown607@charter.net)

 –Dudgeon-Monroe Prairie (intersection of Odana Rd & SW Path)
This neighborhood’s largest and most diverse prairie requires regular maintenance and has been the site of summer monarch releases.

Contact Sue (sue.reindollar@gmail.com)

 –Westmorland Gully (intersection of Glenway St. & SW Path, northwest side)

A long, sloped prairie planting area that dedicated neighbors salvaged from a flooded and weedy ravine, now coming into its own after many reseedings.

More help always needed!

Contact Bonnie (tagatzcreek@att.net)

 –Glenwood Park Gardens (intersection of Glenway and Cross Streets, south side of SW Path) Important to this Jens Jensen-designed park are the berms of native plants at the south end entrance, as well as the native shrubs and wildflowers throughout the park.

Contact Peter (secnatland@yahoo.com)

–Glenway Prairie (intersection of Glenway St. & SW Path, behind Glenway Golf Course) This small prairie needs weeding on a regular basis. Invasives between the golf course, the woods, and the prairie keep us busy.

Contact Sandy (sestark@wisc.edu)

–Prospect Ramp Gardens (intersection of Prospect & Fox Ave & SW Path) This 1700 sq.ft. area of flowers, grasses, berries and fruit trees needs more maintenance, and is a great site for all ages because of its accessibility.

Contact Jake (Jacob84@charter.net).

Regent Neighborhood Pollinator Gardens (intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and SW Path) A spectacular example of diverse plantings paired up with

a community seating area.

Contact David (davidlezaks@gmail.com)