You’re Awesome!

Will you be someone’s water Valentine this year? Feeling appreciated and valued makes all the difference to those on the front line of trying to improve our water quality and watersheds. They aren’t easy problems to fix and require a great deal of passion and persistence. While we all know there’s still work to be done, in the month of Looove let’s take some time to share what we do appreciate with our public service stewards!

Feel free to use and/or customize the drafted text below to share your appreciation to any or all of the following groups! Just remember, a few minutes of your time can make someone’s entire day.

Dear [Insert Name],

We appreciate you! I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for working on projects that help improve Lake Wingra’s watershed health and our community. It means a lot to us that you prioritize and try new things to keep building on the work you are doing. We notice!

[Option to insert additional details for each group below]

Your Valentine,

[Insert your name]

For City of Madison Streets ( streets@cityofmadison.com )
We especially appreciate your commitment to using less salt on our roadways and experimenting with different leaf collection methods. Keep up the good work!

For City of Madison Engineering ( engineering@cityofmadison.com )
We especially appreciate your commitment to the Lake Wingra watershed management plan and helping our community be better prepared for flooding. Keep up the good work!

For Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
( CatherineH@madsewer.org and kathyl@madsewer.org )
We especially appreciate your commitment to chloride reduction initiatives and phosphorus harvesting. Keep up the good work!

For Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds
( sandford.susan@countyofdane.com and campbell.christal@countyofdane.com )
We especially appreciate how you engage the community with a variety of programs like the native plants for schools and community projects, storm drain murals, leaf-free street signs, and thank you postcards. Keep up the good work!

For Madison Water Utility: We especially appreciate your commitment to providing tools for residents to better understand their water usage and practice water conservation.