Wingra ABCs

Our mission is to promote a healthy Lake Wingra through an active watershed community. Part of this starts with learning about all the beautiful things Lake Wingra’s watershed provides and understanding ways you can make an impact at home!

We have a variety of Wingra ABC activities you can do with your family to increase your kids’ familiarity with plants, places, wildlife, and water quality issues in the watershed. The Wingra ABCs instruction document below covers how you can couple the activities together. It also includes a handful of additional activities you can complete with your children to increase your awareness of watershed issues.

Tools & Activities:

If you do the scavenger hunt, you also have the option to share your photos of what you found on our online map! That way you can see what others have found and it gives others a chance to play if they can’t get outside.
Full map web address: https://siftr.org/WingraABCs/#