Windows on Wingra

windowswingraWindows on Wingra (WOW) is an ongoing series of seasonal events that provides opportunities for members of the watershed community to learn about and contribute to the health of Lake Wingra.

Friends of Lake Wingra began the WOW series in the summer of 2004 with All About Rain Gardens, a workshop that taught participants how to design a rain garden that fits their own back yards and included a tour of existing local rain gardens.

Our second WOW workshop, All About Composting, emphasized the importance of keeping fall leaves out of the lakes. Joan Laurion of Compost Basics led discussion about composting as an effective means to manage leaves on site. Participants got hands-on experience setting up several compost bins on Edgewood College campus.

Future WOW events will include a variety of fun ways to learn about and help Lake Wingra including a poetry writing workhop, restoration work parties, inasive species work parties, recreational outings like paddling or fishing, and workshops on lake and watershed topics. See the Events page for information on upcoming WOW workshops.