What is Happening with the Wingra Park Shoreline?

By Roger Bannerman

Our city is renovating the Wingra Park shoreline to reduce erosion and provide easier access for
paddlers and log rollers. The new canoe and kayak launching ramp is complete – check it out in the image above!

We started our paddle from the new ramp today. Out on the water you can see the construction underway. The new shoreline includes new vegetation, rip rap to protect the shoreline, and stairs into the lake for the log rollers.

A Lake Wingra water quality update: Water is still chilly at 67 degrees Fahrenheit and the water is a little murky with a Secchi disc reading of 3 feet. A great time to paddle before the aquatic
plants reach the surface!

New stairs and areas to be vegetated along the shore.


Roger Bannerman is a Friends of Lake Wingra Board member and one of our water quality monitors. Thanks for your help, Roger!