January Board Meeting: Open To The Public!

Consider attending our board meeting on January 11 at 7 PM at the Sequoia Library. The complete agenda can be found below.

  1. Welcome and Attendance: (5 min)
    ICE BREAKER: When will Lake Wingra freeze over?
    Katy’s last comments: facilitator – how to make our board the board we want – our Jan meeting is a walk
    across frozen Lake Wingra!! Enjoy the serene scene!!
  2. Secretary Review of Previous Action Items (20 min):
    ● Second signatory added to the summit bank account
    ● List of volunteers/interested individuals added to our database
    ● Committees To-do: Add details in the 2024 Action Plan in individual committee tabs in the Action
    ● Plan, discuss with your groups how your action items align with our strategic plan and prior
    ● Committees: look ahead and think about how to use volunteer roles – champions for projects
    (volunteer supervisors) and how many volunteers
  3. Disclosure or Recusals (5 min)
  4. Announcements, Reminders and Upcoming Events (15 min)
    ● Gail will be stepping down from the Executive Committee in Jan, 2024. Still willing to be on
    board, but not an officer.
    ● Katy will be leaving the board effective July 1, 2024, and has offered to remain on as an advisor. Katy is currently the partnerships Chair.
    ● Upcoming Events: Groove and Glide
  5. 2024 Action Plan Review and Approval (20 min)
  6. 2024 Budget Review and Approval (20 min)
  7. Discussion Topics (20 min)
    ● Secretary Update on Lake Wingra Google Workspace and other Associated Accounts (4 min)
    Opportunity: purchase a FOLW tablet to use for all of our accounts… ease of newsletter/volunteer sign-up, donations, events engagement, accessibility for those who do not/cannot use personal devices (security benefits as well), etc?
    ● Committee updates