Lake Wingra Watershed Gathering

Come join us at the Lake Wingra Watershed Gathering event on Saturday, May 21, 1-4:00 pm at Vilas Park! Please see below for more information from the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association’s Water Team:

Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association’s WATER Team invites you to a family friendly event. Live in a different watershed? Come, you are welcomed. Arrive early with a picnic lunch. Bring your family, a friend, or neighbor. Attend the full afternoon or for portions. 

Interact with homeowners and people from 30 organizations, like Friends of Lake Wingra, committed to clean water needed by all life forms that share this planet. Learn more about water stewardship. Leave with new ideas as we collectively ensure healthy lakes, streams, and the lands in-between.

  • Participate in fun activities involving Lake Wingra and its surroundings.
  • Engage with storyteller Andi Cloud, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation. 
  • Renew a sense of connection among people, land, and water.
  • Meet homeowners with rain gardens, rain barrels, or with prairies instead of  lawns as ways to keep water out of their basements.
  • Talk with neighbors who plant prairies and greenspaces on public property.
  • Talk with urban vegetable gardeners.
  • Learn how climate change impacts Madison Lakes and ways to lessen effects.
  • Learn about water management including ways to address flooding. 
  • Experience lake monitoring and tracking harmful chloride. 
  • Enjoy art inspired by water research results.

Itinerary at https://fb.me/e/2fBr0YwrY  Feel free to contact Taylor water.wingragathering@gmail.com   

Meanwhile as warm weather returns visit the 1500 square foot rain garden and swale, another grant activity, at Dudgeon Wingra School Park, 718 Gilmore Street. Gardens were installed in partnership with Wingra School. The 1200 prairie plants add beauty, provide habitat, and keep stormwater on site and out of nearby Lake Wingra.

Gathering and Gardens part of a subgrant from the UW-Madison Arboretum’s Water Action to Encourage Responsibility (WATER) agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additional funds from Wisconsin Environmental Initiative (WEI), Regent Neighborhood Association, Friends of Lake Wingra, Marta Karlov, and others. Logo courtesy of Colleen Manner, Madison Enterprise Center, 100 S. Baldwin Street, Suite 300 E.