Hot Weather Raises Wingra Temperatures Again

July 6, 2018



Figure 1. People enjoying rafting on Lake Wingra

Dip your fingers in Lake Wingra and you will find the temperature of the water has increased by about 10 degrees in the last 12 days.  Because of our heat wave, the temperature has increased from about 74 degrees to 83 degrees.  A renewal of swimming pool temperatures has increased the enjoyment of kids spending extended times in the lake (figure 1).

Increased water clarity also makes the lake more inviting for a dip.  Secchi Disc readings at the middle of the lake have increased from 3 feet to 4 feet.  The deeper the Secchi Disc reading the greater the water clarity (figure 2).  It is the middle of the summer and our lake is doing okay.

Figure 2. Team member taking secchi disk reading

People paddling their canoe, kayak, or paddle board have probably noticed this year seems to have fewer areas with invasive plants at the surface.  Paddling around the lake has been more enjoyable compared to last year.  Fewer plants meant your volunteer monitoring team was able to glide closer to shore to observe a deer feeding on aquatic plants (see featured image)!

See you on the lake,

Your Volunteer Monitoring Team


Photos by Roger Bannerman