Our Watershed Goals

What do we want to accomplish in the next 2-5 years? Our goals reflect our strategic issues and highest priorities within four areas of focus.

Citizen StewardshipP1010050

We work to nurture present and future generations of watershed stewards.

  • Increase citizens’ awareness of the Lake Wingra watershed and its ecological, economic, recreational, and cultural value to the community.
  • Enhance citizens’ ability to understand, evaluate and advocate for policies and practices that protect and enhance Lake Wingra.
  • Create a communication network of volunteers, neighborhood associations and interest groups to effectively distribute and exchange information on resources, best lawn and garden practices, volunteer opportunities, and events.
  • Assist homeowners, businesses, and government in adopting property management practices that protect and improve the environmental quality of the lake and watershed.
  • Connect students from the grade school through college levels to opportunities to participate in research, monitoring, and service learning.
  • Connect the Lake Wingra watershed community to other watershed communities throughout the Dane County area and the Rock River basin.


Integrated Watershed Management

We protect and improve the ‘lake as a system’ through innovative and coordinated management practices.

  • Bring Wingra Watershed partners together as needed to develop a shared understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and interests of each partner (including agencies, nonprofits, businesses, citizens, FOLW).
  • Work with the above partners to coordinate watershed management planning.
  • Involve the partners in creating a long-term vision for the lake and watershed, and communicate that vision as the common ground that unifies many separate actions.
  • Increase agency and citizen awareness of alternative, progressive management practices for stormwater and other issues.
  • Support the effective implementation of priority management practices by each responsible agency or group.
  • Include agencies, groups, and citizens in the periodic review of progress, celebration of successes, and recommendations for continued action.


Long-term monitoring and researchP1010275

We ensure that the information needed to address the mission is available on an ongoing basis.

  • Work with partners to recommend high priority monitoring and research needs.
  • Support partner groups as they seek funds and implement research and monitoring activities.
  • Promote the involvement of citizens, especially students, in monitoring and research activities.
  • Promote data accessibility and coordination among agencies.


Organizational Capacity and Resources

We strive to build the internal capacity to achieve the mission.

  • Sustain mutually beneficial relationships with the key partner groups who provide essential administrative and support services.
  • Develop and sustain our capacity for effective leaders, staff, and volunteers.
  • Seek and pursue funding opportunities; expand funding to address priorities.
  • Increase name recognition for the Lake Wingra Watershed and FOLW, building membership and community involvement.
  • Maintain effective pathways of internal and external communication.