Lake Wingra Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Update – Aug 9




Image 1: Water is still green with algae.

Good news! How far you can see into the water of Lake Wingra has improved this week. Our volunteers use a Secchi Disk (see featured image) to measure water transparency, or turbidity, on a weekly basis.

Water Clarity: Based on this week’s measurements, the transparency of the water is at least 6 inches greater than last week. Being able to see deeper into the water column this week is an indicator of somewhat less turbidity or better water quality.  However, the water is still algae green (see Image 1).

Lake Surface Weeds: The percentage of lake surface clogged with weeds appears to have reduced since last week. It is not clear why this has happened, but it sure makes for better padding and sailing!

Fun fact:  Wingra’s surface water temperatures are around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 3 degrees less than most swimming pools.

Featured Image:  Volunteer Jane Bannerman measuring water transparency with a Secchi Disk.