Lake Wingra Heritage Plan

Friends of Lake Wingra is seeking to protect the unique natural treasure we have in Lake Wingra. Unlike the other lakes within or near the city of Madison, Lake Wingra has very limited development along its shores. The resulting natural scenic views and character of the Wingra watershed allow residents of Madison and surrounding communities quick and easy access to a rare vista for a city of Madison’s size. Lake Wingra can feel like a Wisconsin summer camp, offering an array of recreational activities—swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, running, biking, relaxing—all with an unpolluted view of natural shoreline.

Our goal is to protect and enhance this unique treasure for the ages. Inspired by Wisconsin Scenic Rivers legislation, we would like to see the City of Madison use tools in the Comprehensive Plan and in the Planning and Zoning Departments to preserve the natural viewshed for future generations. We hope to give Lake Wingra a restrictions on development and design guidelines. It is easy to take for granted that much of the vista across our special lake appears free of man-made structures (roads, houses, high rises, hospital additions, power lines) that might disrupt the view and the value of our resources. Without protections now, there is no guaranteeing future generations will have the same experience.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can help preserve and improve the scenic natural beauty of Lake Wingra for future generations!

Photo credits: Richard Hurd